The power of books

When I learn a new HOTNEWTHING the first thing I usually do goes as follows: I grab my computer, search for HOTNEWTHING en read some pages online.
Then I look (or ask) for a good tutorial for HOTNEWTHING and follow along.
Most of the time I have something working in HOTNEWTHING at the end of the day.

But do I truly understand it?
No. Not at all.

Last Christmas holiday a colleague lent me some books he had reviewed. I was determined to read them during the holiday so I could give them back the day I returned.

Admittedly, I struggled reading them on paper. I found it to be very slow paced; no distractions at all and no link-after-link-after-link I could click because: “Ooh, that’s interesting too”. After years of learning on the internet only, this was a whole new experience.

And a good one. I learned more in depth about nodejs/javascript after reading those three books than I did in the months where I googled.

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